Gujarati Food

Gujarat is a very famous state of Western India, and the diversity one will find in Gujarati vegetarian catering is amazing. Gujarati caterings are almost strictly vegetarian. The combination of the salt with the sweet touch is the best and unique to the Gujarati taste. Gujarati foods are actually the best Indian caterings that are very distinctive in taste. The cookery of all the Gujarati recipes is so simple, easy and absolutely delicious. Mostly Gujarati food dishes are spicy, sweet and salty at the same time. Ghee is alternated for oil in Gujarati vegetarian cuisines that means the food is not as heavy as other Indian foods.

Traditional Gujarati foods are primarily considered as vegetarian foods, and these foods have high nutritional values. The distinctive Gujarati Thali food consists of wide-ranging kinds of lip spanking dishes. Gujarati gastronomy has so much to provide us and every Gujarati dish has a completely different cooking style. Some of the Gujarati food recipes are stir fry, but the others are boiled. Gujarati food is frequently served on a silver serving dish. Gujaratis usually use a combination of different ingredients, flavors and spices to cook their foods. This combination of different things makes these Gujarati foods truly exotic.

The traditional food recipes of Gujarat Thali mostly include roti, dal, sabzi. This great food recipe is also known as shaak and rice. Mostly people of this region want to eat different types of curry along with roti and rice. All the food recipes of Gujarat generally have very delicate taste that makes it very useful from other Indian cooking recipes. Mostly dishes of Gujarat are very sweet, while the other dishes have fairly larger concentrations of sugar as compared to the spices and salt.

All the Gujarati food recipes are highly energy proficient, and thus these recipes do not cause much of energy wastage. The fastener food of Gujarat contains homemade pickles, salads, buttermilk and much more. The main courses of the Gujarati foods usually contain different types of vegetables that are generally steamed and dal. Vaghaar is a mixture of spices, which is sanitized in hot oil and after that added to the dal. If you want to prevent your body from becoming dehydrated, you have to use lots of sugar, tomatoes, lemon and salt.

Some vegetarian food recipes of Gujarat are also very much famous among the people of allover the world. There are countless vegetarian dishes of Gujarat, but Kadhi is one of the best and most famous dishes. It is actually a very spicy yogurt based soup that can be eaten with Khichadi. Kadhi is a very delicious and comfort food for the Indian in the whole world. Gujarati foods are particularly famous due to its wide range of snack foods or Farsan as it is usually called. All these side dishes are so much important and all Gujarati food dishes are not complete without it. Main recipes of these side dishes are Patra, Bhajia, Kachori, Dhokla and Chaat.

Gujarati cooking differs from every season to season by depending on the accessibility of vegetables. Gujarati vegetarian cuisines also consist of wide range of sweetmeats and dessert products. Mostly Gujarati food recipes are fried in ghee and also dipped in the syrup of sugar called Chashni. The main ingredients of these recipes are flour, milk, sugar, yogurt, cardamom, different types of dry fruits, etc. Shrikhand is most leading Gujarati food dish, which is a great dessert. This dish is usually flavored with cardamom, candied fruits, saffron and nuts. This dish is basically manufactured with yogurt.

In this modern millennium, mostly youngsters of the entire world have started developing their taste for oily spicy foods. Mostly modern food recipes are coming from fusion food concepts by merging Western foods with Gujarati foods.

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