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It is said that “Health is Wealth”, it is so much right and true sentence. Actually some easy food or health recipes are known as good foods that bring good health. Sometimes, these food recipes are nicely compared to those foods that you buy as a take-out. In this article, we are offering step by step guidance for you to make some dishes that are guaranteed for good and stronger health. Healthy soul foods may seem like as oxymoron at first glimpse, but it is the major and the fastest growing cuisine in USA. The history of soul foods extends all the way back towards the period time of Pre-civil wars. Soul foods is actually the most leading and famous cuisines in USA. By using imaginative cooking techniques and zests many of these food recipes have turned into cooking delights, especially in the southern areas of United States.

The first food recipe is a very classic dish that turn into a plate full of energy and nutrients. The taste of this recipe is also very delicious and significantly it is as nice as its classic complement, but it has some calories and less fat in it. Some surreptitious ingredients of this food recipe are pureed winter squash. The oven heat for making this food recipe should be at least 375 degree FH. You have to use a pan of nine by thirteen inches size. First of all you must boil a large pot of water and macaroni in it and also cook them for five to eight minutes. Then, you can melt the squash. After that increase the heat of oven and wait until the simmering of mixture and bubbles are seen on it. Then turn off the heat, take away the pan, and mix in all the other cheese: ricotta cheese, cheddar and jack cheese that are mixed with salt, peppers and mustards as well.

Another best and most leading easy food health recipe is a favorite Chinese dish that is usually made at home to take out. In this food recipe, you have to mix the vinegar, scallions, soy sauce, parsley, chicken broth, ginger, sesame seeds and garlic in a basin. You can add all this mixture to the previously cut chicken strips as well. Then chill all these ingredients for at least one hour. After that heat oil in sink and then mix fry carrots for one minute and Jicama for another three to five minutes. After this you can remove the vegetables and swirl fry drained chicken for two to three minutes in it. After doing this you have to move chicken to the outer edge of wok and put chicken marinades in the center of wok. Heat all the material until it simmers. Now, insert vegetables to wok, put icy pea pods and cook it for one minute.

The last best and most famous healthier food recipe is known as fish fillet with the Spanish Sauce. The best thing about this food recipe is that it can also be used in spaghetti, meat loafs, omelet and hamburgers. We hope you will definitely love it to eat.

Heat onions and tender them. Then you can add the other ingredients like vegetable oil, canned tomatoes, juices, bay leaf, salt, green bell peppers, black pepper, granulated sugar and whole cloves. Cover the pan and fester all ingredients for round about thirty minutes. After that time you can take away the bay leaf and cloves and reserve them as sauce for fish. Then dip fish into milk, mix black pepper with sift and desiccated bread crumbs. Roll each fish piece into the mixture and put fish in low heated baking pan and brush with oil. One thing keep in your mind that it must be baked on at least 350°F temperature. At the end, you can add Spanish sauce in this mixture and serve your guests or family members.

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